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Cloud | Hosted Services

Reduced TCO/Increased Reliability

Our Cloud and Hosted Services are designed to significantly reduce your company's total cost of IT ownership ("TCO")and significantly increase your IT reliability and Business Continuity. Many companies like the "do-it-yourself" approach to providing IT infrastructure and custom business solutions, but that is not the wisest use of your limited capital and resources.

Our experience combined with our existing and future capital investments, as well as the capital investments of big Cloud providers such as Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS), will provide your company with the most cost-effective infrastructure and business solutions to help increase your bottom line and give you a competitive edge now and into the foreseeable future.

"Cloud" vs. "Hosting"

Many IT companies may say that "cloud" and "hosting" are synonymous. Here are a few terms we use at Corporate iM that delineate these terms:

  • Cloud - We use this term to classify our prepackaged cloud offerings that are ready for provisioning such as the following:

    • Allocadia - marketing budget management system

    • AWS offerings - VM, Big Data, Lamda and more

    • DataLynx - Multi-store management and marketing system for the Automotive Aftermarket

    • Microsoft Azure - Platform as a Service

    • Office 365 - Cloud based Microsoft Office including SharePoint

    • Oracle Cloud - Cloud based Oracle applications such as Hyperion PBCS

  • Hosting - We use this term for all our Aegis-hosted products and services. Aegis is our dedicated Data Center services provider offering solid private VM, platform and remote desktop hosting including the following:

    • Microsoft Exchange Email

    • Microsoft Office

    • Microsoft SharePoint

    • SQL Server

    • Point-of-sale Hub Server

    • Intuit QuickBooks

    • Augmented Data Center Services

    • Much more...

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