Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

our focus

Reduced TCO/Increased Reliability

Our Cloud and Hosted Services are designed to significantly reduce your company’s total cost of IT ownership (“TCO”)and significantly increase your IT reliability and Business Continuity. Leveraging focused Corpim cloud experts provides the best use of your company’s budget and human resources, and our team minimizes deployment while utilizing the best fit cloud services for the way you do business.

Our experience combined with our existing and future capital investments, as well as the capital investments of big Cloud providers such as Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS), will provide your company with the most cost-effective infrastructure and business solutions to help increase your bottom line and give you a competitive edge now and into the foreseeable future.

Our Cloud Approaches

Corpim supports all 4 primary cloud approaches:

Public Cloud

Corpim provides strategic implementation and administration for 4 of the largest public cloud providers:

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud implementation, whereby some resources utilize the cloud and other on-premise, typically occurs during a phased transition from on-premise to cloud, but a hybrid setup may also have long-term cost savings or may be required to meet compliance needs such as CMMC requirements for DOD contracts.
Corpim experienced solutions architects will help you determine the right mix of cloud vs. on-premise resources for an optimal mix.


It is always more efficient to place resources in the capacity for which they do the best job. This truth applies to public cloud providers as well which results in leveraging 2 or more public cloud providers across the enterprise.
Corpim-experienced cloud architects will manage the complexities of implementing and administering a multi-cloud environment including the complex security aspects.One example is leveraging the lowest-cost Google Cloud virtual servers with the more efficient and cost-effective Azure data platform.

Private Cloud

Corpim’s private cloud partner, Aegis, has been providing private cloud services to Corpim since 2000. A private cloud may be coupled with a multi-cloud or hybrid approach or may simply be a standalone private cloud. A private cloud-primarily meets the demand for IaaS and SaaS, and the Aegis private cloud offering is full-service, complete with customer support, backup and patch management, administration, and much more.

New Cloud Adoption

Journey to the Cloud

The decision if and when to move from an on-premises ecosystem to a cloud ecosystem depends on your organization’s current needs and the vision of your organization’s future. For example, a recent large capital investment in revamping infrastructure strictly on-premise might preclude full cloud adoption for a while, possibly modifying the initial approach to a hybrid cloud paradigm to leverage the innovative capabilities of cloud. Corpim cloud architects work with your team to implement the right-fit approach to cloud adoption for today while preparing your organization for additional cloud adoption over time.

The decision if and when to move from an on-premises ecosystem

To help you determine when your organization is ready for cloud adoption, here is a summary of the many benefits of cloud adoption:


Users can scale resources to fit their needs, customize applications, and access cloud services from anywhere with an internet connection.


  • Scale on demand
  • Secure storage
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS control choices
  • Out-of-box tools for developing solutions
  • Integrated security features


Rapid time-to-market for applications and features leveraging configurable and cost-effective platforms and infrastructure with built-in maintenance capabilities.


  • Integrated enterprise
  • Accessible from virtually any internet-connected device.
  • Speed to market
  • Automatic backups
  • Save on capital expenditures for hardware and licenses
  • Pay only for what you use

Strategic Value

Cloud services give enterprises a competitive advantage by providing the most innovative technology available.

Strategic Value

  • Corpim manages your Cloud. You focus on your priorities.
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Global collaboration
  • Innovation for a competitive edge
Post-Cloud Adoption

Optimizing Your Cloud Implementation

Having already adopted Cloud Computing, our cloud architects work with your teams and landscape to simplify complexities, reduce cost, and most importantly get the most out of your platform:

Cloud Administrator

Outsource or augment your cloud administration with experienced Corpim cloud administrator professionals:

Cost Management

Unexpected costs are 1 of the leading issues experienced with cloud computing. Corpim cloud professionals contain these costs:

Right-Fit Cloud Alignment

A realigning mix of cloud platforms may right-fit function to the platform and reduce costs:

Opportunity to Reimagine

For companies looking to grow, the most strategic aspect of the cloud is leveraging capabilities not typically available on-premise to innovate.

The Freedom of Cloud Computing