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DataLynx Online


Enhance Existing Software:
DataLynx Online is not designed to replace your existing information systems, but rather enhance what you already have.

  • Works with popular Automotive Tire and Service, as well as OEM dealership, point-of-sale (POS) systems

  • Integrates with popular and custom central data and reporting systems

  • Requires no additional hardware

  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for your IT budget

  • Organization Hierarchy Support: Brand, Corporate-Franchise, Region, Market, District, Legal Entity and more


Summarized Intelligence Delivered to You:

  • Secure Online Access

  • Email-delivered Dashboards

  • Mobile Device (ex: Phone or Tablet) Access

  • Private Cloud-based Access


Empower your Managers

  • Give your managers the information they need when they need it

  • Allow acces to ONLY the information they need and easily secure the rest

  • Save time creating and sharing reports and other information with key staff

Simplified Management Reporting:

  • Sales (Summarized to invoice)

  • Gross Profit Margin

  • Technician Analyses

  • Customer Analyses


Simplified Management Dashboards:

  • Goal-oriented: Sales and GPM

  • Key Performance Indicators (Customizable)

  • Traffic Light Style: Red-Yellow-Green

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