Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

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Common Intelligence Challenges

Do some, or all, of these challenges apply to you?


Using Excel to customize your company information into an aggregated, easier format?


Tirelessly having trouble getting your hands around your entire organization?


Summarizing your company data for decision-makers takes hours or even days?


Pulling data from multiple business systems to get a complete picture of your company?

Staff Costs

Have extra staff just for crunching performance numbers? 


Reports from different sources resulting in different values for seamingly the same data?

Enterprise Performance Management

EPM is at the heart of everything we do at Corpim. Our teams are in the business of simplifying and growing businesses. Experience and technology are our tools.

Over the last 2+ decades, Corpim has honed its expertise to provide 3 highly proficient EPM solutions that meet the complex needs of most companies in providing transparency and improving business performance with the goal of surpassing the competition and setting new standards in each industry.

Our EPM Solutions

datalynx logo

DataLynx Online

DataLynx Online is Corpim’s proprietary SaaS EPM solution currently serving the automotive industry. With out-of-box integrations to key business systems including point-of-sale, HR, GL, social media, marketing, and more, DataLynx Online offers a cost-effective method for simplifying enterprises within as little as 24 hours.

Corpim is currently working to leverage the DataLynx Online Framework in additional industries we serve.

oracle EPM

Oracle Cloud EPM

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management Platform is a framework of the technical and functional components shared among Cloud EPM processes. It enables you to have a more unified user experience and simplified administration across different business functions.

custom intelligence

Custom Intelligence Solutions

Corpim has over 15 years’ experience implementing custom intelligence solutions leveraging primarily the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (MIDP).

Getting Started

Implementing an Enterprise Intelligence Strategy

Vision and Roadmap

Starting with a Vision and Roadmap allows your organization to know where it is going and when resulting in your team receiving significant benefits starting very quickly as well as a foundation on which to build. Once you meet your initial goal, for example converting existing spreadsheets to automated reports, you may schedule subsequent phases on your roadmap based on priority and budget.


Technology Stack

Determine which of the many great technologies you will use to prepare/store and deliver intelligence to your teams.


The technology stack and services you will use to store your data and prep for easy delivery.


Delivery or “serving” includes choice of the portal, delivery methods, output formats, etc.