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Marketing Solutions

For the Automotive Aftermarket

Corporate iM delivers multi-media marketing solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket integrated with your DataLynx Online Management subscription or as a stand-alone DataLynx Online module:

CRM Direct Marketing Campaigns

Uses your rich point-of-sale data including customer contact info, vehicle and product/service information as well as factory scheduled maintenance guides to deliver the right message at the right time to your existing customers:

  • Service Reminders - Oil change, state inspection, tire rotation, factory scheduled maintenance and more

  • Special Events - Tire sales, manufacturer specials and more

  • Declined Service "Win-Back" – Message to remind customers of certain services they recently declined and to motivate them back to the store to fulfill those services

  • Lapsed Customer "Win-Back" – Message to motivate lapsed customers to return to your store

  • New Customer Invites – Targeted prospects from you local area

  • Customer Appreciation – New customer thank you, best customer gift and more

  • Surveys - Better identify your customers needs

  • Custom Communications – Share some of your ideas


New Customer Prospect Marketing Campaigns

DataLynx Online has been successfully motivating potential customers to become patrons of participating locations for over a decade using our Target Marketing program:

  • DataLynx Intelligence - pinpoints the neighborhoods around your stores that are most likely to be motivated to patron your store.

  • Personalization - Postcard or E-mail (or both) communications are highly personalized to the recipient and sent directly to potential customers who have not yet been a customer of your store. This technique is designed to give the potential customer more of a feeling of a neighborhood service shop that they may want to try out for more of a long-term relationship. That is the key difference that separates our Target Marketing program from shared mail and bulk mail programs, and our fact-based results support this.


DataLynx Online tracks your campaign respondents right back through the doors of your store. Response-tracking reports are delivered to your email or you may run reports and dashboards online or on your mobile device the same as all DataLynx™ reports and dashboards with focus on key campaign response criteria such as the following:

  • Total Response - Using a combination of customer/vehicle, service, campaign date and other criteria, DataLynx Online identifies all respondents as well as aggregates responses for total campaign success measurement to help determine if modifications to subsequent campaigns are required or not

  • Return on investment (ROI) - DataLynx Online compares your campaign spend with total sales as well as GPM on total respondent sales to determine the success of your campaign(s) and whether modifications to the promotional offers is needed or not

  • Product and Services Purchased - Determine sell, up-sell and cross-sell that occurred as a result of campaign responses to help take advantage of additional opportunities on subsequent campaigns

  • Gross Profit Margin (GPM) - For DataLynx Online users, determine the true GPM of campaigns, not just the top-level sales, by deducting cost of goods sold and true labor costs from the gross revenue received from promotional responses.

Market Analysis

Using DataLynx Online, your Marketing Advisor analyzes the areas around each of your stores, quickly determining the highest probability areas for motivating non-customers to patron your shop for the first time based on market penetration and customer behavior in the target areas.

Reputation Management

Providing an easy way to engage your existing customers to rate their recent experience at your store and write a review may help build your brand and motivate potential customers to patron your store.

Your DataLynx Online CRM subscription may be extended to seamlessly motivate recent customers to basically market your brand. Experience indicates that most online reviews are primarily motivated by a bad experience. Our automated process motivates the majority of your customers who, if you've been running your business right, have had a positive experience at your store. Using a reputable, non-biased "Reputation Management" provider, DataLynx Online provides a venue for customers to rate and review your products and services. In addition, our facility provides your management staff the capability to respond and request a patent-pending "re-score" from your customer if applicable.

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