Professional Services

Professional Services

Enterprise Transformation

Solutions Architecture

Corpim’s skilled and experienced Solutions Architect professionals align our clients’ IT with their long-term business goals. Using proven methodologies, including ITIL, Cobit, or TOGAF, and decades of successful experience, our SA leads will work with your teams to develop the following key artifacts in a timely and cost-effective manner:

Current State Architecture Assessment

Encompasses all the processes and tools your business has in place to deliver products and services that meet your customer needs. It includes Business processes – The flow of tasks and activities that occur to accomplish key functions in each department.

Architecture Vision

Describes how new capabilities will meet business goals and strategic objectives and address the stakeholder concerns when implemented.

Architecture Roadmap

A strategic overview of how IT projects and plans will be delivered to support business-wide objectives as described in the Architecture Vision.

Growth Optimization

IT Leadership Consulting

When your IT department’s RPMs have been running high, yet your speed is stagnant, you don’t necessarily need significant staff changes. In many situations, you just need a fresh and experienced perspective to reorganize, simplify, and optimize.

Corpim IT Leadership Consultants have decades of experience simplifying complex business landscapes with a focus on key disciplines in the IT arena:

Cost-effective IT Leadership

Virtual CIO

There is a period in the lifecycle of many startups when your company needs the next level of guidance and oversight of the IT function and/or product innovation, but it is not yet feasible to employ a full-time CIO or CTO. That’s when it is time for an experienced virtual CIO or vCIO from Corpim. Rather than consulting with existing team members as in our IT Leadership Consulting service, the Corpim vCIO will partner with your leadership team to take ownership of the IT function and/or product innovation in your organization with hands-on accountability:

Product Delivery

Custom Development Lab

Out-of-box infrastructure, platforms, and software are typically the go-to approach for meeting all your company’s digital needs. But often you need custom integrations, applications, or services to meet the unique needs of your organization. We have a solution for this.

The Corpim Custom Development Lab consists of full delivery teams dedicated to your custom development needs. Corpim project leads work with your team to implement mutually accessible environments to deliver tested and approved features and applications leveraging leading technology stacks: